Planning Commission meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm.  They are held at the Village Community Building, 79 W. Main Street, Harveysburg.


Planning Commission Members:

Rusty Clark                                                                   Keith Runyon

(513) 383-5892                                                               (513) 897-9032


Sean Meier                                                                    Michele Cochran

(937) 304-6860                                                               (513) 897-4036


Randy Carruthers                                                         Mayor Verga

(513) 897-5544                                                               (513) 897-1938


Bill Combs, Village Administrator             Chief Pottenger, Zoning Enforcement

(513) 897-3998                                                   (513) 897-9926


Joe Lucas, Volunteer                                       Tim Hobgood, Village Inspector

(937) 439-2516                                                   (937) 689-5680


The zoning ordinances are enacted for the general purpose of promoting the public health, safety, comfort, and welfare of the residents of the Village of Harveysburg, to protect the property rights of all individuals by assuring the compatibility of uses and practices within districts, to facilitate the provisions of public utilities and public services, to lessen congestion on public streets, roads, and highways, to provide for the administration and enforcement of this Ordinance, including the provision of penalties for its violation, and for any other purpose provided in this Ordinance, the Ohio Revised Code, or under common law rulings.



Please click here to download the Village of Harveysburg ZONING ORDINANCES


Building Permit:  click here                      HVAC Permit:  click here

Electric Permit:  click here                       Sign Permit:  click here

Demolition Permit:  click here                  Swimming Pool Permit:  click here

Permit and Inspection Fees:  click here   Chicken Permit: click here

Regulation of Swimming Pools:  click here